Investment Approach


What we do for our clients

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Investment management

Portfolio construction / strategic asset allocation

Manager selection

Overseeing other providers

Consolidated reporting

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Opportunity evaluation

Evaluation of client-sourced direct deals / fund opportunities, including:

Financial modelling

On-site fund DD

Review of legal documents

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Other financial planning

Assistance with broader strategic aspects of the family such as:

Liquidity management

Arranging financing for the
family’s core business

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Assisting with investment trust/company structuring

Inter-generational planning

Team members sitting on Investment Committee

Multi-asset class endowment approach

Our philosophy is grounded in the multi-asset class endowment approach used by many of the world’s most sophisticated investors.

We seek to achieve excess return by partnering with best-in-class managers who have specialist expertise and are not accessible via private bank platforms.

We aim to deliver high quality risk-adjusted returns superior to those available via simpler and less diversified strategies.

Simplicity, cost control, long-term thinking and avoiding market timing

Our investment philosophy

Long-term thinking

Long-term investors outperform short-term investors over a market cycle

Implement, and stick to, a pre-agreed long-term plan

Diversification across asset classes and a long-term perspective can help withstand periods of market stress and illiquidity

Seek genuine outperformance

Access to best performing managers is critical for long term outperformance

Quality manager research and selection adds value given broad dispersion of returns

However, it is important to recognise when managers are no longer generating excess returns relative to their investment risk

Cost control

Cost control is distinct from cost minimisation

Total expense ratio has a major impact on future returns, but high-quality alpha generating strategies typically cost more

We balance active, higher fee, strategies with low-cost instruments in more efficient markets

Avoid over-complexity

Simple and transparent investments are preferable in mainstream, efficient asset classes

Over-diversification can be detrimental to overall returns

Successful market-timing is near-impossible to achieve consistently

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