About Capricorn Private Investments

Capricorn Private Investments

We are a London-based, independent Private Investment Office managing discretionary capital entrusted to us by our shareholders and a small number of other wealthy families and institutions.

Who We Work With

Our cornerstone investor is the Capricorn Group – a significant international family office with a successful track record built up across 30 years of investing in both liquid and illiquid assets, mainly in the UK and South Africa.

The other families we work with are typically centred around first-generation entrepreneurs who have sold businesses, often in the Technology and Financial Services sectors.

They have investable assets in excess of $25m, but do not have the appetite to set up their own family office structures and would prefer to work with an independent provider.

Philosophy & Objectives

Our philosophy is grounded in the multi-asset class endowment approach used by many of the most sophisticated investors in the US and Europe. We seek to achieve excess returns by partnering and co-investing with best in class third party managers who have specialist expertise in niche areas.

We provide our families with highly customized advice which diversifies their portfolios across Equities, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Property, Credit and uncorrelated strategies. With the help of our network, shareholders, and clients we are fortunate to have access to many of the top performing (often hard closed) managers in each of those areas.

Our twin objectives are to give clients an experience equivalent to having capital managed by their own family office with the investment approach of a leading endowment fund. We believe these investors pursue a strategy that has consistently put them among the most successful institutional investors in the world.

How We Are Different


We have strong family office values

Long-term outlook

We think in long-term, often inter-generational, time periods

Aligned incentives

We are shareholders in the business

Tailored solutions

We have no generic models, every portfolio is bespoke

Emotional temperament

We are patient, long-term value investors, not market timers


Access to off market deals and our own proprietary deal flow


No hidden fees or retrocessions


Our management team and board have extensive experience in senior roles at world-class institutions